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The Kotel at Night - Panoramic Sukkah Wallpaper

Please note that all Panoramic Sukkah Wallpaper is custom-made to your specifications - accurate measuring and diagramming will help us to ensure that you are satisfied with your order. Sukkot is one of the regalim – one of the three holidays in which the Torah instructs Jews to come to Jerusalem; and when Jews come to Jerusalem, the Kotel is where they go! Transform the interior of your Sukkah into the Kotel Plaza! If you own a panel Sukkkah (fiberglass or wood), and are ready to upgrade your existing walls and whisk your family and guests to the Kotel Plaza for Sukkot - you've come to the right place! Panoramic Sukkah Wallpaper Features The image can be printed floor-to-schach along the entire length of all four sukkah walls - for a truly immersive experience! We can even print on transparent wallpaper for your windows! The Panoramic Sukkah Wallpaper is printed on adhesive billboard vinyl – a durable, scratch-resistant, water-proof, UV-stable "sticker". The high-quality, eco-sensitive, permanent inks used to print the Panoramic Sukkah Wallpaper create a rich, vibrant image - it will last for many years of Sukkot holidays without fading.

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