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The Kotel at Night - Sukkah Wall Panel

If you need a quote for a custom sized Panoramic Sukkah Wall Panel, please contact us.

Sukkot is one of the regalim – one of the three holidays in which the Torah instructs Jews to come to Jerusalem. And when Jews come to Jerusalem, the Kotel is where they go! Bring the Kotel Plaza into your own Sukkah!

Individual Sukkah Wall Panel Features:

  • The image is printed floor-to-schach along the entire length of an individual sukkah wall - for a taste of the Kotel in your Sukkah! 
  • The Individual Sukkah Wall Panel is printed on outdoor banner fabric – a durable, wind-resistant, mold-resistant polyester that drapes beautifully and feels substantial and luxurious!
  • The high-quality, eco-sensitive, permanent inks used to print the Individual SukkahWall Panel create a rich, vibrant image. The print is odour-free, water proof, flame resistant, and UV-stable - it will last for many Sukkot holidays without fading.
  • The Individual Sukkah Wall Panel is printed on fabric that is semi-translucent; the panel illuminates in daylight, and the look and feel of it shift subtly throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky!
  • The Individual Sukkah Wall Panel has sturdy stainless-steel grommets along its perimeter - one every 50 centimeters (about 20 inches) - it is easy to hang with standard lock-ties.


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